Sensors Enable Continuous Contactless Patient Monitoring

Sensors Enable Continuous Contactless Patient Monitoring
Murata Electronics North America Inc.
The SCA10H and SCA11H series Ballistocardiography (BCG) sensors are designed for continuous contact-less patient monitoring in elderly care centers, hospitals, or in the home. In addition to BCG techniques, they employ ultra-sensitive MEMS accelerometers to provide vital sign information such as Heart Rate (HR), Heart Rate Variation (HRV), Relative Stroke Volume (SV), Respiration Rate (RR), and bed occupancy. BCG sensors are available in two formats. The SCA10H-D01 is a solderable PCB module housing both the accelerometer and microcontroller with embedded algorithms. The SCA11H-A01 includes the SCA10H module coupled with a Wi-Fi transceiver that is packaged in an IP55 rated waterproof enclosure. Also, it can operate in either a local mode or cloud environment. Both the SCA10H and SCA11H are intended for integration into a user’s device or system. Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Smyrna, GA 800-241-6574 770-436-1300

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