Sensoria Technologies Recognized for Innovation

REDMOND, WA -- Sensoria Inc. has been named a winner of the prestigious ISPO Communication Award 2015 in the Mobile App category for the Sensoria Fitness App. The company is also a finalist in the Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup for its fitness smart socks.

Every year, ISPO honors the best sporting goods with the ISPO AWARD. A jury consisting of independent sports business professionals evaluates several hundred entries - also from non-exhibitors - following clearly defined criteria. The ISPO Communication Award honors the best creative works, best projects and campaigns in the sports business. Entries were evaluated by an international jury panel of experts from different professions, including journalists, creative, marketing and advertising professionals and designers.

The WT Innovation World Cup is the worldwide leading innovation competition in the area of wearable technologies. It is designed to inspire and stimulate next generation solutions with the potential to become real marketable products. Finalists for the 2015 The Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup were selected from more than 500 entrants by an international jury.

Sensoria cofounder and CEO, Davide Vigano, said: "Through the introduction of our smart garments and associated technologies, we are striving to create wearable solutions to enable the Internet of Everyone (IoE). The recognition by ISPO, the leading European sports industry body, and the Wearables Technology open innovation development platform validate the progress we have made so far on this long journey."

The Sensoria Fitness mobile app continuously receives data from the Sensoria Fitness Smart Socks through a lightweight, adjustable anklet via Bluetooth Smart. The Smart Socks are infused with proprietary textile sensors that detect activity type and impact forces.

The mobile app includes the Sensoria Virtual Coach that monitors data relating to running form including foot landing technique and cadence. It gives runners real-time audio and visual feedback to help adjust running form and reduce risk of injuries. Together, Sensoria technology can help runners know not only how fast and how far, but how well they run.

Beyond gait analysis, the Sensoria mobile app also connects with other smart garments such as the Sensoria smart t-shirt and sports bra that transmit heart rate data via Bluetooth Smart. In addition, runners also benefit from the Sensoria Shoe Closet feature to track the mileage of different shoes and compare performance.

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