Sensor Transforms Any Object Into A Smart Device

BioSensics launches CliQ, what it describes as a versatile sensor that transforms virtually any object into a smart device for truly personalized automation. At about the size of a Starburst candy, CliQ is portable and can attach to almost anything from sneakers and handbags to doors and cabinets.


Using embedded motion sensing technology, CliQ allows the user to trigger automated actions in four different ways: click, double click, brief motion, and sustained motion. For instance,like an advance universal remote, a single CliQ could dim the living room lights with one click, turn on music with two clicks, shuffle the playlist with a quick shake, and call a missing phone with a sustained motion.


The CliQ companion app allows users to design “Blueprints” to control how and when their

CliQs can be activated, and what action or alert they generate. Select a trigger, time and place

parameters, and the action or alert you want to generate. This flexibility lets users control the

world around them to make their lives easier, help them form better habits (or eliminate bad

ones), and safeguard the things that matter. Blueprints can even be shared to the CliQ

Community, so everyone can enjoy all the creative ways that people are using CliQ.


CliQ is available today on Kickstarter, starting at $34 and more information is available on the CliQ webpage and by contacting BioSensics.