Sensor Tracks The Temperature Of Anything

Sensor Tracks The Temperature Of Anything

Measuring about the size of a credit card, the uTrust Sense range of compact, lightweight, physically flexible, and waterproof Internet-enabled sensors track and store temperature readings that can be read by mobile devices or uploaded to the Internet. Dubbed a smart sensor for the Internet of Things (IoT) market, uTrust Sense Temperature Tracker provides cost-effective temperature monitoring for virtually anything. It contains a precise temperature sensor, digital storage, a paper-thin flexible battery, and NFC communication. The sensor can communicate with a variety of local devices using a mobile device or industrial equipment. The current temperature status and complete logged history can be reviewed locally or uploaded to the cloud. The waterproof sensor looks like a sticker and is easily attached with an adhesive backing. It is available in multiple sizes to suit the product packaging. For more information and technical specifications, visit  

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