Sensor Tech Pros Gather in Orlando to Accelerate Development of Ultra-High Volume Sensors Supporting Abundance, mHealth and the IoT

ORLANDO, FL –The world’s leading visionaries in sensor technologies will come together to Central Florida later this year in an effort to accelerate the development of ultra-high volume sensors that will support the vision of “Abundance”, mobile health (mHealth) and the Internet of Things (IoT). A division of the MEMS Industry Group®, the TSensors Summit is part of a worldwide initiative to create a roadmap for the production of trillions of sensors to meet critical life sustaining/transforming needs in areas such as healthcare, food, safe water and clean air.

Scheduled for December 9-10 at the Florida Hospital Nicholson Center in Celebration, the TSensors Summit’s Central Florida location this year is made possible thanks to the combined efforts of Enterprise Florida, the University of Central Florida, ICAMR (International Consortium for Advanced Manufacturing Research - based in Osceola County, Florida), Orlando EDC and The Corridor, with additional support from ROHM, ams, QuickLogic, Tousimis, Qualcomm, PNI Sensor and New Generation M2M Consortium.

“Advanced manufacturing, networked sensors and the Internet of Things are extremely exciting areas for technology research, development, commercialization and growth,” said M.J. Soileau, Ph.D., vice president for UCF’s Office of Research and Commercialization. “These areas represent significant economic opportunities in terms of new technology advancements, manufacturing and production, goods and services and jobs.”

The TSensors Summit effort was launched in 2012 by Janusz Bryzek, Ph.D., to accelerate the development of sensors supporting "Abundance"—as defined by Peter H. Diamandis, chairman and CEO of the X PRIZE Foundation, and Steven Kotler in their bestselling book, Abundance: The Future is Better than You Think (2012). The Abundance vision is that by the mid-2030s, humankind will end hunger on earth, provide medical care and clean energy to all, and eliminate global pollution. Such utopian goals are made possible mainly by several exponential technologies producing goods and services faster than the growth of global demand for them. Networked sensors are among these exponential technologies. Forecasts for sensor demand are as high as 100 trillion by 2030.

“It was important to us to be part of the team of technology and economic leaders that worked to bring this summit to the area,” said Dan Holladay, executive director of operations and technology Programs at ICAMR. “Next-generation sensor technology and advanced manufacturing capabilities are only going to increase in demand and opportunities. Supporting events such as the Tsensors Summit can only help to support and build upon this region’s efforts to become the leader in advanced sensors, photonics and optics, and other advanced device manufacturing.”

The TSensors Summits, hosted in locations around the world, provides crucial information into the emerging future applications—enabling the development of strategic marketing and technology plans for organizations to ride the IoT and mHealth tides, and bringing the vision of Abundance closer to reality. The summits attract a strong cross section of government, academic, research and commercial organizations interested in advancing sensor-based opportunities.

“We attended a recent TSensors Summit and it immediately occurred to us that if we could bring this kind of forward-thinking tech conference to Florida, we could expose the world’s leading sensor technologists to all our state has to offer,” said John Krug, senior director for business development at Enterprise Florida. “Florida, and this region in particular, is in a unique position to support innovative manufacturing processes, materials and equipment for advanced sensors. Hosting the TSensors Summit here—which will attract visionaries, technologists and investors—is yet another step we’re taking to promote Florida’s technology advancements as means of creating new high-wage, high-value jobs.“

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