Sensor Systems See Through Walls

Sensor Systems See Through Walls

Preferred tools of choice by one of the largest US police forces, the Xaver 100 and Xaver 400 systems provide real-time situational awareness by enabling the observation of multiple stationary and moving objects behind walls and other barriers. Both rely on the company’s micro-power radar technology. The Xaver 100 ultra-portable, handheld presence-of-life detector delivers critical information in real time about the presence of life and its distance behind a wall. The Xaver 400 is a compact, lightweight, and durable personal device optimized for tactical urban operations. It provides real time information on the number of people and their location behind walls. It also provides information regarding room dimensions and infrastructure elements. The Xaver Net is a wireless portable command and control communication platform designed to support the deployment of the Xaver 100 and Xaver 400 systems. For more details, visit

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