Sensor Systems Integration Made Efficient and Affordable

Sensor Systems Integration Made Efficient and Affordable
Complimentary Webinar Presented by Laser Technology

Wednesday, April 20 • 2:00 pm ET

Are you in an industry where sensor integration would help streamline your workflow? If you work with applications like level measurement, detection, distance measurement, or collision-avoidance, join Laser Technology, Inc. for an educational “Sensor Systems Integration Made Efficient and Affordable” Webinar on April 20th, 2016 at 2:00 pm ET, sponsored by Sensors Magazine. Laser Technology, Inc. will provide an overview of systems integration of laser sensors for a variety of applications and teach you how to efficiently and affordably integrate sensors into your daily operation. Discover the strengths and benefits of pulse laser technology, recognize what applications sensors are ideal for, and hear the benefits of sensors over alternative technologies.

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Speakers include:

Bruce Clifford

Bruce Clifford is the Founding Principal of Multiwave. His formal education is in Civil and Mining Engineering. He was exposed to non-contact laser measurement through the mining industry. It began with surveying applications underground to process control in the mill. Bruce has subsequently been involved with process control applications in all industries as well as surveying applications both underground and above ground.

Clint Cowan

Clint Cowan is the Sensor Product Manager at Laser Technology, Inc. Clint has over twenty years of Product Management experience in technology, with companies such as Trimble Navigation, General Electric, and National Semiconductor. He has an MBA in Marketing from Georgia State University.

Mat Dirjish

Mat Dirjish is currently the Executive Editor of Sensors Magazine. In his past roles, he was a Computer Boards, Software, and Embedded Systems Editor and a Tech Editor at industry-renowned publications, as well as a judge in past PC104+ competitions.

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