Sensor Keeps Hawaiian Swimming Pool On The Level

In the tropical heat of Hawaii, maintaining consistent water levels in large swimming pools is extremely challenging. A Military organization has installed a 4174 liquid level sensor from Gill to accurately measure water conditions on a continuous basis.

The 4174 level sensor is part of a closed loop, min/max monitoring system that identifies when water drops below the correct level. If the level is reported as being too low, then the system activates a valve to add more water.

Critical to the system, the sensor tells the system what mode the pool is in, when the valves need to move, and when to turn on the pumps. The Gill sensor was chosen for the application due to its solid-state construction, which for the technicians, no moving parts equals high reliability.

Previously, monitoring pool level was a manual job that could not be carried out around the clock. The new monitoring system with level sensor, eliminates the hours previously required and performs 24-hour automated monitoring and maintenance.

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