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austriamicrosystems AG

The AS1716 from austriamicrosystems, Unterpremstaetten, Austria, is a sensor interface designed for interfacing to piezoelectronic capacitive sensors. Suited for use with automotive knock sensors, the device operates from a single 4.5–5.5 V supply; provides differential inputs; a first order low-pass filter to cut off the high-frequency noise components; differential to single-ended conversion; a programmable gain stage; and a 2-pole low-pass multiple feedback filter. The analog front-end IC is designed for unbiased capacitive sensors, interfacing with sample and hold input stages and ADCs. It has been characterized by IEC 61967-4, IEC 62132-4, is automotive-qualified to AECQ100 for IC, and PPAP level 3. (U.S. 919-676-5292, [email protected])

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Company: austriamicrosystems AG
Country: Austria
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