Sensor Fuses Pressure And Temperature Functions To Cut Costs

Sensor Fuses Pressure And Temperature Functions To Cut Costs

The EPTTE1400 combines pressure and temperature sensors in a miniature design that offers space and cost savings. On the pressure sensor side, the component is available in five standard gauge pressure range models, from 0 to 2 bar to 0 to 25 bar, with a PT1000 compatible temperature range of -50ºC to +150ºC. The sensor’s accuracy specification is within ±0.8% and linearity to less than 1%. The sensors’ excitation voltage for pressure is 5 Vdc for a 0.5 to 4.5 Vdc ratiometric output. Other features include high level ASIC output circuitry with a proven thin-film strain gauge pressure measuring cell that contains no silicon or oil and no internal O-rings, IP67 sealing, and a high strength stainless steel finish with an industry standard M8 port interface and 600 mm sleeved electrical cable. Optional boot protection over the housing is also available.

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