Sensor Detects Lowest Flow Rates In Bio-Med Apps

Development of the LD20-2600B, the first representative of the single-use sensor series, is now complete and ready for high-volume production. The sensor is suitable for biomedical applications including home care, monitoring of ambulatory infusion pumps, flow measurements of precious medications in neonatology and pediatrics, to name a few.


The LD20-2600B liquid flow sensor is based on the company’s CMOSens technology. Barbed fittings ensure safe and secure integration in the fluidic line. The straight and unobstructed flow channel design has no moving parts. Medical-grade wetted materials provide reliable chemical resistance and media compatibility. While providing bidirectional measurement of flow rates from 1000 ml/h down to single digit ml/h, the sensor also detects common failure modes such as occlusion, air in line, or infiltration.


Smaller LD20 product versions (e.g. the LD20-0600x) for even lower flow rates down to a few hundred µl/h will be released in the future and are now available in sample quantities. Datasheets for the LD20-2600B and LD20-0600L are available. For further information, contact Sensirion Inc., Chicago, IL. 312-690-5858 or [email protected]


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