Sensor Chips Team Up With Blue LEDs

Sensor Chips Team Up With Blue LEDs
iC-Haus GmbH

The company has developed sensor chips for optical position encoders with photodiodes designed for blue light. Reportedly, the shorter wavelength and penetration of blue-light photons improve the resolution, signal amplitude, harmonic distortion, and jitter performance of incremental and absolute encoders. Blue light causes less diffraction at the same slot width compared to higher wavelengths, thus resulting in sharper imaging. The iC-PT H-Series encoder chips feature a flat 5 x 5 mm² optoQFN package with a plane window. Due to an optimized Phased-Array structure of the opto-chips, a minimal scanning area of 1.9 mm x 3.1 mm is sufficient to generate 10,000 pulses per revolution using a code disc of 26-mm diameter, for example. The index gating as well as the interpolation is selectable by pin. Output frequencies up to 1.6 MHz are permitted, enabling motor speed control at up to 10,000 rpm with 10,000 pulses per revolution. More information is available at  

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