Sensor Board Streamlines Touchless Remote Control

Gesture Sensor
Vishay Intertechnology Inc.

Vishay's gesture control sensor board offers a streamlined method of adding touchless swipe, proximity, and tap control to any device. The sensor board uses a VCNL4020 proximity and ambient light sensor and two VSMF2890RGX01 infrared diodes on either side of the sensor. Gesture detection is via comparison of infrared light coming from each of the emitters. Infrared light reflects off an object and is detected by the proximity sensor. The emitters are multiplexed to differentiate between the signals coming from either emitter. A radiant intensity of 80 mW/sr typical at 200 mA allows for the detection of hand gestures up to 25 cm above the sensor board. The proximity signal is then read out between each pulse via an I²C interface. A webinar showing how the board works is at Detailed information is also available in an application note at The gesture board demo kit is provided free of charge as an add-on to the VCNL4000 demo kit, which is available for $48.10. Customers who have already purchased a VCNL4000 demo kit may request a free gesture demo board add-on via email: [email protected].

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Company: Vishay Intertechnology Inc.
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