SensoNODE Vibration and FlexSense Stretchable Sensors Debut at Sensors Expo and Conference

Parker Hannifin Corporation will unveil its latest advancements in sensor technology at the Sensors Expo and Conference, June 26-28, 2018, at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, CA. Parker will be exhibiting its solutions at booth #1109.


SensoNODE Vibration Sensors are the latest addition to the SensoNODE family, and combines remote monitoring and high-fidelity machine analysis with low cost and simple installation. The sensors attach easily to machinery to monitor vibration, even in the most hard to reach locations. With simplicity in mind, SensoNODE Vibration Sensors wirelessly transmit the Root Mean Square Amplitude (RMS) and Peak vibration data to a local server or cloud via a receiver/gateway. This allows for the immediate and accurate assessment of machine health.

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Parker will also display enhancements made to its FlexSense Stretchable Sensors. Soft, thin and comfortable, the wireless sensors are designed for the precise measurement of body motion that is customizable for wearable applications in athletics, health and wellness. The physical form and function of the sensors are ideal for use on textiles including shoes, compression socks, insoles and clothing.


“We’re developing advanced sensors that can be implemented in a variety of ways from condition monitoring for predictive maintenance to ‘human’ applications encompassing health care and physical rehabilitation,” says David Shannon, business unit manager for Parker. “Our SensoNODE vibration sensors improve upon vibration analysis for machinery with a simplified, yet highly effective way to measure vibration while the FlexSense Stretchable Sensors are unique to the marketplace and revolutionize how we measure displacement and strain.”


Parker’s Internet of Things (IoT) platform includes a fresh new look and powerful brand strategy with the debut of the Voice of the Machine Industrial Software. Formerly known as SCOUT, Voice of the Machine Industrial Software is designed for condition monitoring and interacts with Parker’s SensoNODE Sensors to create a wireless, remote monitoring solution for measurement collection of machines and equipment performance. This rebrand will solidify the company’s vision and investment to enhance production innovation and better align its IoT offerings with today’s business needs.


Parker representatives, Tad Orstad and Tim Mannchen, will be demonstrating the SensoNODE Sensors and Voice of the Machine Industrial Software as well as the FlexSense Stretchable Sensors at booth #1109. For more information, please visit: and


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