Sensirion launches developer website

Sensirion’s new developer website offers quick and easy access to information for hardware and software engineers and is part of the organization’s strategy to offer not only sensor hardware, but a complete solution – from hardware integration to cloud-based software platforms. While Sensirion products are supported on a wide range of platforms and processors, Sensirion’s new developer website hosts tutorials and provides in-house information as a reference for customers. The new website should inspire both the maker community and customers by showing demos and sample applications. While the tutorials are meant to inspire everyone, the content of the website requires a basic understanding of the technology used in typical hardware designs or experience in the field of sensor solutions.

With over 15 years' experience in developing and supplying environmental sensor solutions – from component-level integration to cloud-based services – Sensirion leads the field in sensor technology innovation. Sensirion provides sensor hardware and supports customers in mechanical design integration, the development of sophisticated algorithms and incorporation of software into embedded as well as cloud-based systems. Sensirion is the only company with years of experience and market expertise that can provide comprehensive solutions from a single source.

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