Sensing Technology Enables the Smart Steering Wheel

Sensing Technology Enables the Smart Steering Wheel

The company’s innovative SensoFoil sensing technology now can measure sensitivity in addition to position. This means, using enhanced SensoFoil to measure pressure, car and vehicle manufacturers can add an extra level of safety to their steering wheels. During normal driving, the operator is constantly moving his or her hands on the steering wheel, changing pressure as the fingers grip the wheel. However, by using SensoFoil inside the steering wheel, the vehicle can now sense if the driver’s hands are no longer moving. If the operator has fallen asleep with their hands on the wheel or if their hands are no longer on the wheel, this can trigger the correct safety protocol to either wake up the driver or to implement corrective measures.

The sensor can also be programmed for pressure in certain locations. This can be used in a vehicle to control various locations for emergency, entertainment, or communication systems. This same feature can be used in game controllers, aircraft, etc., as an economical way to add additional programmable capabilities to a controller or joystick device without the need for extra buttons or dials.

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