Sensile Technologies Chooses Telit for Remote Measuring Systems

RALEIGH, NC--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Telit Wireless Solutions, Inc., the US-based m2m mobile technology arm of Telit Communications (AIM:TCM), today announced that Sensile Technologies, the Swiss sensor and telemetry-system specialist, has selected the GE863-PY GPRS/GPS module with Python capability for use in their GSM-based LPG-SENTSTM remote measuring station. The LPG-SENTS is a maintenance-free system which autonomously monitors the level of liquid-gas tanks.

The remote measuring station can be quickly and easily installed for all types of liquid-gas tanks. Telit's GE863-PY provides the link to the central database. The remote measuring unit sends the liquid-gas levels via SMS to a central computer which records and evaluates the data automatically. Users can then retrieve their tank data via the internet. The data is up to the minute and includes an overview of the individual fill levels and additional information about consumption and order times. Also, if the tank level sinks below a certain threshold, an automatic report is generated informing the user via SMS, e-mail or fax.

"In terms of rapid integration, the GE863-PY ball grid array (BGA) from Telit offers a major advantage over the systems of other providers. This was a crucial deciding factor for us," says Cedric Morel, managing director of Sensile Technologies. "We were impressed with the technical performance and Telit's excellent customer support during the product development stage."

The highly robust GE863-PY module measures 41.1 x 31.4 x 3.6 mm, weighs 9 g and is ideal for outdoor applications. It enables reliable operation at extreme temperatures of -30°C to 80°C. Like all modules in the GE family of products, the Telit GE863 features BGA installation. This eliminates the need for costly plugs and cables. As with standard SMD components, the module can be connected directly to the PCB using a pick-and-place procedure which means that manual production steps are not required. With Python, users can develop simple software applications and run these directly on the module with no external microcontroller.

"Sensile Technologies recognizes our market advantages and we expect to see substantial deployments with Sensile as a result," said Roger Dewey, President and CEO of Telit Wireless Solutions, Inc., the company's Americas subsidiary. "Our modules are extremely efficient and are ideal for cost-optimized medium and high-volume telemetry applications thanks to features such as the BGA concept and Python script interpreter."

Sensile Technologies' LPG remote measuring system offers numerous advantages for the routine activities of gas dealers and customers. Dealers benefit from enhanced warehouse management, more cost-effective delivery programs and rationalized route planning. Since the customer tanks are replenished more efficiently, transport costs are reduced. For liquid-gas customers such as real-estate-management, transport and industrial companies, avoiding disruptions caused by a lack of liquid gas is critical. Sensile's unique system offers Internet-based management and of precise tank data.

There are at least ten times more machines, equipment, vehicles, and robots than there are humans in the world, creating a critical need to transfer information efficiently between machines or from machines to humans. The relatively new m2m industry delivers increased efficiency, time savings, improved customer orientation, and greater flexibility. According to ABI Research, the m2m market in North America is expected to generate sales of over ten million units in 2007 and have an annual growth of 32% through 2011.

About Sensile Technologies SA
Swiss company Sensile Technologies was founded in 1999 as a spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL). Today the company focuses on the development and marketing of high-quality sensors and telemetry systems. Its specialist products are used in the rationalization of fuel consignments and remote control of heating-oil systems. The technologies are sold in numerous European countries by authorized partners. The ongoing research and development work in direct cooperation with EPFL underpins the corporate success and competitiveness of this Lausanne-based company. For further information, visit the company's Web site.

About Telit Communications
Telit is a leading global mobile communications technology company. Its Wireless Solutions division develops, manufactures and markets GSM/GPRS and CDMA modules for machine-to-machine (m2m) applications which enable machines, devices or vehicles to communicate via mobile networks. Telit modules are marketed and deployed worldwide. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange Alternative Investment Market (AIM) (code: TCM). For more information about the company, please visit its Web site.

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