Sensicore Claims World's Fastest Hand-Held Water Profiler

WaterPOINT 870 calculates 14 parameters in four minutes.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. /PRNewswire/ -- Sensicore, which manufactures smart sensor systems and software for monitoring the purity and surety of our water supply, has announced the WaterPOINT 870, its second generation hand-held water testing system. The hand-held wireless device utilizes a smart sensor chip to calculate 14 different water parameters in just four minutes. WaterPOINT enables municipalities and industrial customers to monitor their water in real-time, helps them pinpoint the extent of contamination quickly and efficiently, and allows users to perform post-event monitoring while still the field.

WaterPOINT 870 is the first fully integrated field hand-held system that provides an entire panel of key water quality tests including measurements for pH, ORP, Conductivity, Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Monochloramine, Ammonia, Total Dissolved Solids, Carbonate Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, Langelier Saturation Index, Calcium, Carbon Dioxide and Temperature. Additionally, an optional optical chamber adds two important additional tests for turbidity and color, making the WaterPOINT system invaluable for routine field testing and troubleshooting.

"Sensicore is driving an information revolution in water quality monitoring," said Malcolm Kahn, Sensicore's CEO. "Our WaterPoint lab-on-chip technology provides an entire panel of tests that helps users better understand both the quality of their water and the health of their water system. It is light-years ahead of the 50 year-old wet chemistry testing in use today and is part of a total monitoring solution offered by the company that includes an Internet based data visualization and analysis system called WaterNOW."

WaterPOINT 870 allows users to manage scaling, water aging and cross flow/cross connection contamination problems, in addition to providing critical information about water disinfection. The System is capable of storing 250 water profiles in memory and its built-in Bluetooth communications interface enables users to download results to any lab computer or communicate them wirelessly via cell phone to Sensicore's WaterNOW service in real-time. The System uses a semi-disposable silicon based chip that will last for 30 water profiles and does not require constant maintenance or cleaning.

About WaterNOW
WaterNOW is an online system that enables real-time monitoring of water and wastewater for municipal and industrial applications. The system enables dynamic contouring of water chemistry on a map, much like Doppler weather conditions are presented on television, which help users better understand contamination problems using sophisticated plume analysis algorithms. Sensicore's software also ties together water quality information from other source, including field and lab tests, on-line continuous monitoring systems (SCADA) and third party lab testing, providing a total picture of water quality information. Advanced analytical tools allow users to perform real-time analysis on their data and, graph and prepare reports from within the WaterNOW system without having to export to another application. By generating a robust database history, WaterNOW also enables users to make more informed decisions more quickly and provides comprehensive answers to water concerns. Users can share real-time data between departments, with management and even with key customers. A built-in alarm function communicates the right information to the right people instantly. Extensive report writing capability eliminates the drudgery of compiling and writing reports.

About Sensicore
Sensicore develops smart sensors and sensor networks that automate water testing, data collection and analysis for both drinking and wastewater applications. The Company's WaterNOW online data network helps users understand this data through unique visualization and comparison tools while also organizing their information, process and testing procedures. Sensicore's solutions-based systems are targeted toward municipal, industrial and commercial users who need to profile their water and track problems in real-time. Sensicore aims to create an early-warning system from such information that can help users predict the location and extent of problems in the field.

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