Sensicast Ships WSN for Pharma, Life Sciences

BOSTON, MA & NEW YORK, NY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--At INTERPHEX 2007, Sensicast Systems, the world's leading provider of turnkey wireless sensor network systems, unveiled and showcased a wireless system for pharmaceutical and life sciences facilities who need to accurately monitor temperature, humidity, and other key data in their facilities.

Pharmaceutical labs, drug manufacturers, and bio-test facilities are increasingly deploying Sensicast's SensiNet systems to report real-time operational data from applications, processes, and facility conditions, and to change how they meet FDA regulations.

At Booth 3123 in the INTERPHEX Pharma IT Pavilion, Sensicast will demonstrate how its new solution integrates into pharmaceutical manufacturing and delivers improved productivity and regulatory compliance while reducing operating costs.

Based on Sensicast's patented SensiNet technology, the new system collects data from Smart Sensors installed at monitoring points in labs, manufacturing, storage and shipping environments and then seamlessly passes the data wirelessly into the company's network infrastructure. The network provides self-managed data routing capability for redundancy and reliability. The SensiNet Gateway aggregates data captured throughout the monitoring areas, provides basic displays and alerts, and makes the information available to internal automation, process and control systems inside the facility. Data from the monitoring points flow from SensiNet into the control and logging software for validation and documentation.

SensiNet's self-managing network capability combined with autonomous battery-operated sensors enable a new level of manufacturing facility flexibility. Incubators, cold storage devices, and other critical equipment can be relocated during production line reconfiguration without the expense of rewiring. SensiNet automatically compensates for the changes in setup without requiring user intervention.

Pharmaceutical facility operators and production managers are required to conform to FDA regulations governing record keeping that is essential in order to document safe manufacturing and storage of their products (according to GMP and GLP). SensiNet enables customers to easily collect the environmental data required by the FDA without making FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance more difficult. In fact, most existing FDA 21 CFR Part 11 monitoring systems are plug-and-play compatible with SensiNet.

Sensicast now offers A2LA-accredited calibration services to users of its SensiNet systems. Through this service, operators of SensiNet networks can ensure that Smart Sensors running in their facilities are calibrated according to ISO/ICE 17025-1999, using dedicated equipment.

"Known for their reliability and data certainty, Sensicast's wireless sensor networks are running production networks in a wide range of industries," said John Blanchard, principal pharmaceutical industry analyst with ARC Advisory Group. "Pharmaceutical manufacturers will find Sensicast attractive because it can help them to reduce the cost and time to validation, and accelerate product time to market," said Blanchard.

The value of SensiNet's wireless collection of data is compounded as the information is made available to automation and control systems currently in use in life sciences facilities, such as those from Citect, ICONICS, Intellution and OSIsoft. SensiNet integrates easily with software systems for OPC, Web-enabled HMI/SCADA and manufacturing intelligence to provide real-time visualization, alarm management, and plant historian functionality giving users real-time visibility into enterprise-wide operations and systems

Benefits to Sensicast's life sciences customers are significant:

  • Wireless system allows data sampling from previously difficult or inaccessible locations (e.g. large physical spaces, HVAC, mobile racks, and sealed chambers)
  • Centralized data collection and easy integration with legacy software applications and network infrastructure
  • Interfaces with PLCs and software commonly used in pharmaceutical facilities
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance documentation
  • Alarms and alerts deliver early detection of problem occurrence
  • Improved process and quality control
  • Accelerated manufacturing
  • Reduced operational and energy costs
  • Rapid Return-on-Investment

For more details, download Sensicast's White Paper on SensiNet Wireless in FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant Systems.

About Sensicast
Sensicast provides turnkey Wireless Sensor Network systems and services that help operating managers dramatically reduce costs & improve efficiency. Sensicast's easy-to-deploy SensiNet systems report real-time data from applications, processes, and facility conditions. SensiNet is a patented, self-installing, self-healing solution that captures critical data through Smart Sensors and makes the information available and actionable through internal and remote Web-based access. SensiNet meets the needs of a range of industrial and commercial enterprises-including remote monitoring of temperature, energy, moisture/humidity, and other data types; while also facilitating governmental/environmental compliance. Visit the company's Web site for more information.

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