Sensata Technologies Receives International Certification

ATTLEBORO, MA -- Sensata Technologies announced the international certification of its CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) and LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) pressure and temperature sensors for use in alternative fuel vehicles. This certification adds to Sensata's expanding portfolio of sensors approved for use in this industry.

Sensata Technologies' low-pressure fuel rail sensors and high pressure fuel tank sensors, which monitor and help increase fuel efficiency and improve emissions, were certified to standards sanctioned by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO-15500-2 & -8) and carry the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe approval according to UN-ECE-R110 (for CNG) and ECE-R67 (for LPG).

Low Pressure Fuel Rail Sensor
The combined pressure and temperature sensor, now available with an economical aluminum hexport for easy mounting on fuel rails or fuel lines, measures the absolute pressure and temperature of the fuel at the inlet of the injectors to optimize fuel metering and to control combustion for improved emissions and engine performance. The design combines a ceramic capacitive sensing element with a fast and accurate NTC thermistor. The sensor operates between 50 and 450 kPa absolute or between 50 and 1200 kPa absolute for both LPG and CNG applications, respectively.

High Pressure Fuel Tank Sensor
Sensata Technologies' rugged high pressure sensors mounted on the CNG system's pressure regulator replace traditional electro-mechanical sensor products. The pressure measurement results indicate the amount of CNG in the tank and help to detect leakage in the system. This hermetic sensor operates in a pressure range between 0 and 260 bar and is accurate within 1 to 3 percent of full scale pressure over its entire operating range. Sensata Technologies also offers a dedicated 35 bar combined pressure and temperature sensor for LPG regulators that delivers the benefit of both pressure and in-stream temperature measurement in a single robust package.

"The rising cost of petroleum and the carbon impact on the environment are driving the innovation and adoption of alternative fuel vehicles both in the U.S. and globally," said Gregg Pestana, Sensata Technologies market segment manager, "and the ISO and ECE certifications allow Sensata Technologies to better serve the growing international alternative fuel vehicle markets while complying with the highest safety and quality standards."

Many of Sensata Technologies' sensor products can be engineered for use in a host of alternative fuel vehicle and equipment applications.

Sensata Technologies' pressure sensors and switches are used in a wide range of applications and are available in a variety of fittings, packaging materials, pressure ratings and electrical inputs/outputs. For more information about the company or their full line of technologies for the automotive, agriculture, construction or HVAC/R industries, please call (888) 438-2214, or visit Sensata's Web site.

About Sensata Technologies
Sensata Technologies is one of the world's leading suppliers of sensing, electrical protection, control and power management solutions across a broad array of industries and markets. Our products improve safety, efficiency and comfort for millions of people every day in automotive, appliance, aircraft, industrial, military, heavy vehicle, heating, air conditioning, data, telecommunications, recreational vehicle and marine applications.

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