Sensata Offers Gasoline Direct Injection System Sensor

ATTLEBORO, MA /PRNewswire/ -- As the automotive market continues to see the expansion of multi-port gasoline injection systems to boost fuel economy and improve engine efficiency, Sensata Technologies is increasing its penetration into the automotive sensor market with its gasoline direct injection (GDI) system sensor.

Sensata Technologies has introduced a new gasoline direct injection sensor which, when used with multi-port fuel injection systems, can improve fuel economy 4%–8%. These new multi-port fuel injection systems create air and fuel mixtures in the combustion chamber rather than at the fuel intake valve. Regulating the amount of highly pressurized fuel within the combustion chamber requires the high precision and robust sensing available with Sensata Technologies' gasoline direct injection sensor.

This sensor employs advanced monocrystalline silicon MEMS strain gage technology (MSG), to create an efficient air/fuel mixture over a range of gasoline and diesel fuels, and across a wide temperature range. This advanced sensor design is ideally suited for sophisticated fuel delivery systems operating at 300 bar and higher. "Multi-port fuel injection systems are becoming the norm in global automotive markets," said Kari Caesar, marketing manager for Sensata's Fuel Systems Group. "Our GDI sensor is delivering a new level of precision sensing for this market that will continue to support the fuel economy and performance goals of our customers."

For more information about the gasoline direction injection sensor, Sensata, or its full line of technologies call (888) 438-2214, or visit its Web site.

About Sensata Technologies
Sensata Technologies, formerly the Sensors & Controls business of Texas Instruments, provides leaders in the global automotive, appliance, aircraft, industrial and HVAC markets with sensing and protection solutions that improve safety and efficiency for millions of people every day. Headquartered in Attleboro, MA, Sensata Technologies has nine technology and manufacturing centers in eight countries, and sales offices throughout the world. For more information, please call (508) 236-3800 or visit the company's Web site.

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