Sensata Demonstrates Driver Awareness Vision Sensors

DETROIT, MI /PRNewswire/ -- SAE 2007 World Congress -- Sensata Technologies is presenting a clear vision for the driver awareness systems market, with the demonstration of a new vision sensor, camera module and library of 'field of view" applications for rapid systems development. Sensata's work in the automotive visioning market has been recently enhanced with the acquisition of SMaL Camera Technologies from Cypress Semiconductor.

Sensata's new IM103 Image Sensor is an automotive grade CMOS sensor with high dynamic range (120 db), made possible with SMaL's Autobrite technology which produces crisp clear video in both visible and near-IR wavelengths. This capability far exceeds traditional imagers allowing automotive camera systems to "see" in dramatically changing lighting conditions of day and night driving. For example, the system can readily distinguish the outline of a passing vehicle even at night when headlights might wash out the image on conventional imagers.

"This technology really makes a number of driver awareness systems practical for the first time," said Jessica Frackelton, market segment manager of Sensata Technologies. This technology, first anticipated for lane departure warning systems, may also be applied to active and "stop-and-go" cruise control, intelligent park assist, blind spot detection, traffic sign recognition and adaptive forward lighting systems.

The company is also showing its ACM100 Automotive Camera Module which includes a lens and imager assembly package with high performance electronics for on-board processing.

Vision System Support Library
For the system supplier looking for a vision system that combines the benefits of imager performance, broad field of view portfolio and application processing, Sensata is introducing its Vision Platform. The Vision Platform includes a camera integrated with on board Digital Signal Processor and supporting electronics to run multiple applications in one concise hardware package. Together with this vision platform, Sensata Technologies is offering system designers a comprehensive Vision System Support Library (VSSL). The VSSL is composed of a series of sub-routines for use in algorithm development of vision based applications such as field-of-vision confinement or edge-of- road requirements. This VSSL tool will accelerate application development, as well as DSP set-up and configuration.

For more information about Sensata Technologies and its full line of products for the automotive industry, please call 508-236-3800 or visit the company's Web site.

About Sensata Technologies
Sensata Technologies, formerly the Sensors & Controls business of Texas Instruments, provides leaders in the global automotive, appliance, aircraft, industrial and HVAC markets with sensing and protection solutions that improve safety and efficiency for millions of people every day. Headquartered in Attleboro, MA, Sensata Technologies has nine technology and manufacturing centers in eight countries, and sales offices throughout the world.

CONTACT: Tim O'Brien of Sensata Technologies, +1-508-236-3240, [email protected]; or Geoff Buteau of Bridgeman Communications, +1-617-742-7270, [email protected].

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