Sennheiser joins Phonebloks alliance

Old Lyme, CT -- Sennheiser GmbH & Co. KG has joined the Phonebloks alliance. This alliance is committed to developing and manufacturing a smartphone for sustainable use. “As a company, our aim is to make a contribution towards a liveable world and to strengthen our ties with an innovative and forward-looking community,” says CEO Andreas Sennheiser.

To Sennheiser, the idea behind Phonebloks has merit both in terms of technology and in terms of society. Technologically, design and manufacture of components for the Phonebloks project will be an inspiration which could lead to new applications and breathroughs. This is why Sennheiser is investing in work on those blocks within the Phonebloks-Projekts which deal with specific issues, among them microphones that are less sensitive to wind noise. This might include broadcast-quality microphones for electronic news gathering (ENG) as well as highly compact devices for recordings in the field.

Another block which Sennheiser is involved in is a special streaming technology for low-latency lip-synchronous content for the hard-of-hearing and the visually impaired. This will be based on the Sennheiser Connect technology which the company announced recently.

The second dimension is societal. “Sennheiser has always made a point of providing its customers with products that offer a high and long-lasting benefit. This is why we have always place great emphasis on a durability and high serviceability,” says CEO Daniel Sennheiser. A growing number of Sennheiser microphones features exchangeable heads, and the company regularly services and repairs products which have been in use for more than sixty years. Sennheiser also ensures availability of spare parts for a large number of its legendary products such as the HD 414, which has been in production since 1968. This makes joining the Phonebloks alliance a logical extension of Sennheiser’s proven strategy.

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