Senix Launches "Research Assist" to Promote Ultrasonic Sensors in Research

HINESBURG, VT -- Senix Corporation, manufacturer of ToughSonic ultrasonic level and distance sensors, announces "Research Assist," a formal program to support the use of ultrasonic sensors in research and education.

With the Research Assist program, qualified organizations can purchase Senix ultrasonic sensors at a 30 percent discount for use in primary research and student education. The program is available worldwide to university and government research programs, to museums, and to other non-profit organizations dedicated to environmental stewardship, learning, and cultural enrichment.

Research Assist replaces a long-term informal program whereby Senix provided discounted ToughSonic® sensors to more than 100 universities worldwide as they addressed environmental monitoring, sustainable agriculture, energy efficiency, and engineering education

"Ultrasonic sensors can be the ideal tool for collecting accurate, real-time data about object and material dynamics in both applied and experimental environments," said Bryan Ducharme, chief executive officer, Senix Corporation. "In recent years, we've seen a marked increase in the demand for Senix ultrasonic sensors from research organizations worldwide. Creating a formal Research Assist program will help better serve the needs of researchers and educators."

Several pioneering sensor applications began with discounted Senix sensors:

The world's largest Tsunami Early Warning System in the Philippines
The world's most sophisticated flood monitoring system in Iowa

For more information:
Call: 802 489 7300


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