Senix Announces Major Sensor Order for Philippines Flood Warning System

HINESBURG, VT - Senix Corporation, manufacturer of ToughSonic ultrasonic level and distance sensors, announces a fourth major order for ToughSonic ultrasonic water level sensors destined for flood warning systems deployed by the Philippine government. This order, processed through our distributor Clean World Trading and Supplies, Inc., brings the total number ToughSonic water level sensors sold for these systems to over 1,000.

Senix water level sensors play a key role in helping the Philippine government address the risks associated with tropical rains, storm surges and tsunamis which make the archipelago among the most flood prone in the world. To manage these risks the Philippine Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and other government agencies are expanding the world's largest and most sophisticated network of flood warning systems.

Tide gauge platforms with ultrasonic water level sensors and other wet and dry sensors monitor hundreds of miles of coastline for signs of Tsunami and storm surges . All 258 of the nation's rivers are monitored by similar water level sensing platforms. Even flood-prone city streets are being outfitted with urban flood monitoring stations equipped with Senix sensors. All remote sensor platforms are integrated with centralized flood information systems in near real-time, with the goal of providing at-risk communities with a warning of at least six hours.

"We started working with researchers at the Philippine Advanced Science and Technology Institute (ASTI) about seven years ago as they began developing this technology." said Doug Boehm, Senix founder and Chief Technology Officer. "The Philippine Government has been a global leader in developing remote flood management systems. We've worked closely with Clean World Trading and Supplies and the Philippine government to customize our sensors and meet their unique remote water level sensing requirements."

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