Senet Snags IoT Evolution Product of the Year Award for Innovation & Market Leadership

PORTSMOUTH, NH --- Senet has received a 2016 IoT Evolution Product of the Year Award, recognizing the company for the growth and innovation of its LoRa-based multi-tenant LPWA network, which recently announced expansion of coverage to 100 U.S. cities. In addition, judges cited the performance and positive return on investment (ROI) of EnerTrac, the LoRa-based IoT fuel-delivery solution deployed on the Senet network.

Senet is riding a wave of market momentum as it continues to expand the reach and capacity of its North American IoT LPWA network in order to support a growing ecosystem of LoRa applications running over its network. This summer, the company announced LoRa LPWAN coverage in 100 U.S. cities and introduced the Senet Foundry, a special IoT developer program to accelerate development and deployment of LoRa applications.

Earlier this spring, the company announced the availability of two microcell base station solutions as part of Senet’s expanded suite of LPWA network-as-a-service offerings. These 8-channel microcells, available in indoor and outdoor versions, augment Senet's high-capacity 64-channel macrocells. The addition of these smaller base stations dramatically expands the breadth of LoRa applications that can be deployed on the Senet network, enabling faster time to market at a reduced cost.

As the first and only standards-based LPWAN provider, Senet delivers wireless network connectivity for sensor-based IoT applications based on LoRa. EnerTrac is an example of a LoRa-based application running on Senet’s LPWA network today. This IoT heating fuel-delivery automation solution is deployed in multiple regions in the U.S. and generates big savings for its customers (heating fuel dealers and distributors, including farming cooperatives). This LoRa-based service provides long-distance, low-cost data acquisition through smart devices and sensor technology. Due to the operational efficiencies realized with EnerTrac, fuel dealers are achieving 30 percent or more in annual cost savings.

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