Semtech Announces Support for ONE-NET Initiative

CAMARILLO, CA /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Semtech Corp., a leading supplier of analog and mixed-signal semiconductors, announced that it supports ONE-NET, an independent, user-supported development community committed to open standards for low-power wireless devices.

Semtech's technology and expertise have contributed to the development of the newly introduced ONE-NET standard for low-power wireless connectivity. Optimized for residential and small-business control applications, the ONE-NET standard is specifically designed to use low power and provide good security at a low cost. ONE-NET's participant companies have brought together their collective expertise to develop the standard's comprehensive design specification, which will be distributed royalty-free so that more consumers can enjoy the benefits of wireless connectivity.

The ONE-NET community has developed and made public its specifications for the physical and networking protocol, source code examples for microcontrollers, schematics and bill of materials for reference designs, and links to ONE-NET suppliers. Use of the ONE-NET standard is royalty-free, and simple open-source licensing rules apply, such as contributing to the code base as modifications are developed. The ONE-NET logo will identify products tested for interoperability and compliance with the standard.

Semtech is a leading provider of wireless transmitter and transceiver solutions for personal area networks and home and building automation networks. These ultra-low-power, low-voltage products connect people and the physical world. Semtech is highlighting its XE1205 wireless transceiver as a best-in-class solution for the ONE-NET community. The XE1205 is a highly integrated transceiver operating in the industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) frequency bands, or in the 300-1000 MHz range. The device offers the highest link-budget BiCMOS UHF-band FSK transceiver in the world, with data rates exceeding 300 Kbps and narrowband capability. Semtech's complete range of wireless solutions deliver voice, pressure, temperature, acceleration, time, position, speed, and other analog inputs through wireless links, ranging from meters to in excess of 10 kilometers, while delivering data/commands to sensors and actuators to perform the desired function in personal or local networks.

"ONE-NET offers great value to consumers because it delivers a secure, low-power wireless standard optimized for battery-powered operation—a move that we believe will grow the market for wireless devices," said Robert Whittaker, ISM Product Group Manager for Semtech's Wireless and Sensing Products Business Unit. "The benefits of the ONE-NET protocol are a perfect match for Semtech's family of wireless devices because they bring small size, high functionality, low power consumption, and low system cost to allow customers to take full advantage of the rapidly evolving market for wireless home automation and remote security products."

About Semtech
Semtech Corp. is a leading supplier of high-quality analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products. The company is dedicated to providing customers with proprietary solutions and breakthrough technology in power management, protection, advanced communications, human interface, test and measurement, and wireless connectivity products. For more information, contact Semtech Corp. at 200 Flynn Rd., Camarillo, CA 93012-8790; phone 805-498-2111, or [email protected] or visit its Web site.

ONE-NET is an independent, user-supported development community committed to open standards. Its ONE-NET standard for low-power wireless connectivity is optimized for residential and small business control applications; it is specifically designed to use low power and provide good security at a low cost. Founding members of the ONE-NET design community—including Analog Devices, Integration Associates, Micrel Semiconductor, Renesas Technology, RF Monolithics, Semtech Corp., and Threshold Corp.—have all committed to develop products and/or components to the ONE-NET standard.

For more information about ONE-NET and the ONE-NET open-design standard for low-power wireless, visit the organization's Web site or contact ONE-NET's editor/analyst, Kimberly Maxwell, at 850-835-2694, x 301 or [email protected].

Semtech and the Semtech logo are marks of Semtech Corp. All other marks belong to their respective owner.

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