Seminar Teaches Design Using Smart Fabric

According to Eleksen Group plc, maker of touch-sensitive interactive textiles for electronics interface design, a number of popular clothing and gear manufacturers (including O'Neill, Belkin, Spyder, and Ermenegildo Zegna) are using the company's ElekTex smart fabric in successful commercial products today.

Now, the company is offering half-day seminar for designers to show how successful products blending consumer electronics with clothing and portable accessories are already out in the market. Eleksen will demonstrate how working with smart fabrics creates new business opportunities, and discuss how to transform apparel and soft goods products into interactive accessories for today's fashion conscious, tech-savvy consumer.

The seminar will be held in three locations:

  • New York: Tuesday, November 14, W Hotel, 541 Lexington Avenue
  • San Francisco: Wednesday, November 15, Crowne Plaza, San Jose Downtown
  • Los Angeles: Thursday, November 16, The Standard, Downtown LA

Covering both innovation and practicality, the seminar will include:

  • The Market: How to profit from current and future opportunities for smart fabrics
  • The Products: Case studies of successful commercial products enabled by ElekTex
  • The Benefits: How ElekTex gives you the leading edge
  • The Tools: How to design and incorporate ElekTex into your product
  • The Reality: Hands-on demonstrations and Q&A sessions

To find out more, go to the company's Web site.


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