Semi Sales Down Worldwide

For a rare change of pace, here’s a bit of market news that’s not about a rising market. The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) says worldwide sales of semiconductors reached $35.5 billion for the month of January 2019, a decrease of 5.7% from the January 2018 total of $37.6 billion and 7.2% less than the December 2018’s total of $38.2 billion. Monthly sales are compiled by the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) organization and represent a three-month moving average.


Regionally, year-to-year sales increased slightly in Europe (0.2 percent) but fell in the Americas (-15.3%), Asia Pacific/All Other (-3.8%), China (-3.2%), and Japan (-1.5%). Compared to last month, sales were down across all regional markets: Europe (-1.5%), Asia Pacific/All Other (-3.6%), Japan (-4.7%), China (-8.5%), and the Americas (-13.0%).

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For more details, visit the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA).

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