Self-Sensing Actuator from AdaptaMat

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AdaptaMat Oy

AdaptaMat Oy, Helsinki, Finland, offers a magnetic shape memory (MSM) alloy self-sensing actuator that experiences a simultaneous proportional elongation in a magnetic field and a proportional resistance change. An MSM element elongates 6% of its length in a magnetic field proportionally with the field strength. By measuring the MSM element's resistance within the device, you can turn the MSM actuator into a proportionally controllable and self-sensing device. The MSM alloy's properties include inverse magnetostriction, material permeability that changes proportionally to the element's length, and high-temperature operation. The alloy can be used as a traditional shape memory alloy up to temperatures of 400°C.

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Company: AdaptaMat Oy
Country: Finland
Phone number: +358 9-571-20715

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