Self Securing Circular Connections Scrub For Med/Mil Apps

Self Securing Circular Connections Scrub For Med/Mil Apps

Poised for use in a wide range of medical and military and applications, the MEDI-SNAP, MINI-SNAP PC, MINI-SNAP, and AMC push-pull circular connectors withstand thousands of mating cycles. They employ a push-pull locking system allows the connection to secure itself when mated. The MEDI-SNAP and MINI-SNAP PC have plastic housings, which are ideal for disposable and re-usable applications where sterilization is required, such as in the medical industry. The disposable connectors are available in various colors, coming with pin counts in the amount of 2-14. The MINI-SNAP and the AMC have rugged metal housings and provide pin counts ranging from 2 to 55 contact points. Several color and mechanical keying options are also available. For more details and specs, download a brochure at 

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