Self-powered Devices Operate Smart Sensors, Enhance Energy Management

Self-powered Devices Operate Smart Sensors, Enhance Energy Management

Jennova’s patented Electrodynamic Energy Harvesting (EH) technology promises to simplify the capture and amplification of energy produced from the rotation or spin of other devices. Powering an endless array of smart sensors and IoT applications, the technology is easily adapted for use within both new and existing designs. This includes self-powering multiple IoT layers and increasing the transmission of data rates and overall acquisition functionality in everything from integrated sensor networks to process monitoring and control systems. The rotation energy harvester uses magnetic induction to gather energy from rotation or the motion of virtually any device. Generating 11 mW of power, its circuit board can also be paralleled and the number of magnets increased to raise power output up to 64 mW. For more details, visit  

Jennova Inc.
Nashville, TN

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