Self-Driving Vehicles: Are Americans Ready to Give Up the Driver’s Seat?

Recent Augmented Reality updates
1. nuTonomy won the race of testing the first self-driving taxi in Singapore before Uber, and Grab decides to support the company.
2. Uber is testing its self-driving cars in Pittsburgh.
3. Google’s driverless car implicated in an accident in Mountain View.

Reportlinker Insight published a survey to answer 3 questions :
1. A fully autonomous vehicle is looming on the horizon, but do car buyers actually want this cutting-edge technology?
2. And more importantly, will they be willing to pay for it?
3. People’s motivations and fears with respect to self-driving vehicles.

1. More than 60% of surveyed Americans say they are somewhat or very positive about autonomous cars.
2. A large majority of Americans are passionate for automobiles and driving. They may not be ready to shift to a new driving paradigm as quickly.
3. Safety is a significant concern. A majority – 63% - of consumers say they won’t feel safe in a fully-automated vehicle.
4. Use of automated features on traditional cars could help to overcome the fear. But ride-sharing services offer also another way to experience AVs.
a. 54% of potential users of self-driving taxis say they would purchase an AV, compared to 41% of non-users.
b. Younger Millennials may pave the way for future growth of AVs as they express more interest in using driverless taxis or buses than older generations.

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