Self-Bunkering Prox from Balluff

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Balluff Inc.

The BunkerProx from Balluff Inc., Florence, KY, is a rugged, self-bunkering M18 inductive proximity sensor designed to survive longer in welding applications without external protection. Nominal sensing range is 4.0 mm. Features include a strong, thick housing to boost the sensor's ability to withstand repeated mechanical impact and to act as an intermittent heat sink to shield the sensor electronics from the heat of weld slag; a frontal impact deflection ring to protect the high-temperature ceramic face from impact damage; a smaller diameter sensing coil to provide a perimeter crush zone; and a thick connector/barrel junction to help eliminate connector failures from shock, vibration, heavy contact, or undue cable stress.

Contact Info

Company: Balluff Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-543-8390

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