Security MCU Sets RF Integration Benchmark

Security MCU Sets RF Integration Benchmark
Texas Instruments Inc.

Raising the bar on RF-function integration, the RF430F5978 microcontroller (MCU) packs a 3D low-frequency (LF) wake-up and transponder interface, 1-GHz RF transceiver, and a programmable MSP430 core in a compact package. It also includes a 128-bit AES security encryption/decryption coprocessor. The device suits low-power RF applications such as wireless sensor networks, data-loggers, active transponders, remote monitoring systems, container tracking, access control, and asset control/management systems. Support for the RF430F5978 is via the RF430F5978EVM evaluation module. It includes a USB plug-in LF trigger module, MCU evaluation board, AP434R01 access point, 3D LF antenna, demo code, MSP430 code examples, and the Code Composer Studio v. 6 integrated development environment. Pricing for the MCU starts at $5.75 each/1,000. The accompanying RF430F5978 EVM is available for $390. For more details, visit 
Texas Instruments Inc.
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