SecureRF Announces Veridify

Shelton, CT ‐-- SecureRF, a provider of security solutions for the Internet of Things, announces the availability of Veridify, a cloud‐based platform delivering Public‐Key Infrastructure for devices, sensors and tags in the IoT. Veridify includes PC, reader, and smartphone Apps featuring strong identification, authentication, and data protection that enable the rapid deployment of innovative solutions for low‐resources “things” including tags, smartcards, wireless sensors, and embedded devices.The platform delivers secure solutions that support supply chain, credentialing, brand protection, and sensor data collection.

Device and radio‐frequency agnostic, Veridify provides a range of critical functions for securely making products and devices smart and part of the IoT. The platform provides a complete set of deployment tools, including a Certificate Authority, a secure cloud‐based dashboard that incorporates real‐time visibility, chain‐of‐custody, plus Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for easy integration with existing systems. Users can work with their own devices using Software Development Kits (SDKs) or choose from SecureRF’s LIME Tags™, a family of secure NFC, BLE, and cellular passive, battery‐assisted, and active sensors, smartcards, and tags.

The solution includes several ready‐to‐use smartphone apps, SDKs and tools to quickly make your products smart, secure, and part of the IoT. Consumers and commercial users can authenticate, monitor, and track products and collect critical data on the condition, status, and location of their assets. When used with SecureRF LIME Tags, security features can be delivered anywhere and authentication functions work with or without a network connection. There are no key databases or passwords to maintain.

Veridify IoT evaluation and development kits are available today. Evaluation kits provide sample NFC tags and sensors, software, and optional readers. Users can provision tags, authenticate, and use the Veridify cloud‐based dashboard to manage and see their transactional data. Development kits provide software tools that allow more technical users the ability to use Windows or Linux PCs to emulate their hardware endpoints and swap out emulator endpoints for actual hardware as development progresses. All development tools utilize the same cryptographic libraries that a finished product will deploy.

Whether you are looking to protect your brands, or securely collect critical sensor data like temperature, humidity or shock, Veridify delivers the most secure IoT solution for your products and devices today.

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