Search Feature Matches Compatible Antennas To Radios

(KP Performance Antennas)

KP Performance Antennas, launched its online radio-to-antenna compatibility search feature. Reportedly, its easy-to-use filtering menu simplifies the search process of selecting the right antennas based on the user’s radio platform they are deploying in the field.


It is common in wireless network buildouts and deployments for engineers, field technicians and network operators to already know which access point and subscriber equipment radios they will be using. But with so many antenna options available for a single radio type, it becomes difficult to know exactly which antennas are compatible. The online tool allows users to quickly and easily identify exactly which of KP’s antennas work with their chosen radio.


The expanded ‘parametric’ filtering option works in combination with the site’s existing search filters to further narrow the user’s results, making product selection more focused and less confusing. When searching for an antenna, customers can now filter results to match the radio they will be using, and when searching for a radio, customers are offered a filter menu of antennas to choose from. Once a filter is selected, the search results are reduced to display compatible product choices.


You can checkout the radio-to-antenna compatibility search tool and/or download a PDF version. For inquiries, call 855-276-5772.


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