Seal, Temperature Monitor, Relay from Marsh Bellofram

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Marsh Bellofram Corp.

The SPM Series from the ATC Diversified Electronics Div., Marsh Bellofram Corp., Newell, WV, is a dual-function alarm and relay designed to monitor the shaft seal and stator temperature of a submersible pump motor, providing early warning of machinery failure. The device is designed to operate from a 120 VAC supply, with reliable operation over 10 million continuous duty cycles, and detects leaks by either resistive float switch or a pair of conductive probes installed in the seal cavity. Over-temperature is detected by a NC low-temperature switch mounted on the stator, with status LEDs for normal, leak, and over-temperature conditions. An incorporated bi-stable relay can retain its position during power failures or energy surges; the relay automatically resets following leakage detection.

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Company: Marsh Bellofram Corp.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-727-5646
Fax: 304-387-1212

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