Screw-Terminal Caps Extend Rated Voltage And Lifespan

Vishay Intertechnology extends the maximum voltage rating of the Vishay BC components 500 PGP-ST series aluminum screw-terminal capacitors to 500 V while more than doubling its useful life to 5000 hours at +85°C. As polarized aluminum electrolytic capacitors with a non-solid electrolyte, 500 PGP-ST series devices are optimized for DC-Linking in power conversion electronics rated at 20 kW and above, including large motor drives, UPS systems, and solar inverters. Their 500V rating provides increased voltage headroom in these applications while allowing three-phase, 380 V designs to be re-used in 480 V systems by upgrading the DC-Link capacitors and enabling solar inverter systems to be upgraded for 1-kV maximum input.


The series is available in nine case sizes ranging from 50 mm x 80 mm to 90 mm x 220 mm. Capacitance ratings span from 680 µF to 22,000 µF over a voltage range from 350V to 500V. The capacitors offer a cylindrical aluminum case insulated with a blue sleeve and pressure relief in their sealing disc and are available with 8-mm terminals on the standard high post M5 disc or with 13-mm terminals featuring the high current M6 disc.  

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Samples and production quantities of the extended 500 PGP-ST series are available now, with lead times of 18 weeks. Pricing for varies by capacitance, voltage, and case size. For example, the price for a 3,300 µF / 500V device in the 76 mm x 105 mm case size is $45 each/60. For deeper insights, peruse the 500 PGP-ST series datasheet.


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