Scope Probes Tackle Smaller, Faster Designs

Scope Probes Tackle Smaller, Faster Designs

The P7700 series TriMode probes are designed for use with Tektronix oscilloscopes. They offer up to 20-GHz bandwidth and are said to ease the challenges designers face when debugging circuits found in the latest mobile and enterprise designs by minimizing probe loading, improving access to smaller, more-densely packed test locations, and lowering overall cost of ownership. The probes introduce a unique design where the probe’s input amplifier is located less than 4 mm from the connection point, minimizing signal loss, probe tip capacitance, and noise. Further, the signal path of the P7700 probes is fully characterized and automatically de-embedded from measurement results. Probe prices start at $8,500. A set of five TekFlex solder tips is available for $250.

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