Sciemetric releases turnkey leak test station that cuts costs, boosts efficiency

Ottawa, Canada – Sciemetric Instruments Inc. releases the Model 3675, a cost-effective turnkey station to boost the speed and accuracy of leak testing. The 3675 can combine up to three of Sciemetric’s 3520 Series Leak Test units in one stand, controlled by a single sigPOD controller. This turnkey station can be used to conduct a range of leak tests, including pressure decay, mass flow and more with pressure or vacuum. It can be used in production, in a lab or wherever leak testing must be conducted.

The 3675 can be customized to accommodate plant requirements, including any geometric concerns (i.e., orientation) with the leak tester and the tested part. This can include remote mounting of the 3520 Series units, pneumatic connection kits and more.

All this capability is delivered in a small and elegant footprint. Its rugged T-frame construction stands just 28”D X 33”W (at wings) X 62”H. The 3675 adds to Sciemetric’s family of leak test systems, to provide customers with greater flexibility to serve various needs and budgets.

Sciemetric’s leak test systems provide both high accuracy and fast cycle times. Manufacturers can improve test quality, reliability and the speed of decision making, and often budget for fewer test stations to reduce costs. They also work with Sciemetric’s QualityWorX data management software, to collect, collate and distill reams of testing data into clear, concise and insightful visual reports to further refine and optimize the leak test process.

View the Model 3675 datasheet at

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