Schurter’s Polarized IEC Appliance Inlets Now Shipping from Sager Electronics

MIDDLEBOROUGH, MA --- Sager Electronics is now stocking Schurter’s Polarized IEC Appliance Inlets for Protection Class II. The 2577 and 2579 series is designed to polarize the line contact of the power mains into the appliance. The polarized inlets are used in portable audio devices, cable boxes, gaming, and other consumer products. The inlets offer solid pin construction versus folded pins, ensuring a higher degree of contact integrity.

Schurter’s 2577 and 2579 series – now available from Sager Electronics – are rated 2.5 A @ 250 VAC, consistent with the IEC standard. Both of the series are configurable with solder, quick connect, or PCB terminals in various shapes and orientations as well as in black, grey, or white color choices, and are intended for use with mating polarized cordsets, C7p.

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