Schottky Barrier Rectifiers Challenge Conventional Switching Diodes

Schottky Barrier Rectifiers Challenge Conventional Switching Diodes
Littelfuse Inc.

The MBR Series Schottky barrier rectifiers (Standard Schottky) are the company’s latest devices based on silicon Schottky diode technology and the DUR Series rectifier provides ultrafast switching speed. Both series meet the general requirements of commercial and industrial applications. The Schottky Barrier Rectifiers offer extremely fast switching speeds, very low forward voltage drops, low leakage, and high junction temperature. Similarly, the DUR Series rectifiers deliver ultrafast switching speeds with very low reverse recovery time, high blocking voltages up to 1,200V, low leakage, and low forward voltage drop. Their higher junction temperature capability and low leakage provide higher reliability in harsh, high temperature environments. MBR Series Schottky Barrier Rectifiers (Standard Schottky) are available in a variety of package types, depending on their ratings, including D2PAK/TO-263, DPAK/TO-252, ITO-220AB, TO-220AB, TO-220AC and TO‑247AD. DUR Series Ultrafast Rectifiers are also available in various package types, including D2PAK/TO-263, DPAK/TO-252, ITO-220AB, TO-220AB, ITO-220AC, TO-220AC, TO-247AC and TO-247AD.

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