Schottky Barrier Rectifiers Boast Three Key Features

Suitable for use in high-frequency SMPSs and DC-DC converters in demanding automotive applications, DST Series Schottky barrier rectifiers are designed to outperform conventional switching diodes in commercial, industrial and automotive applications. The rectifiers combine ultra-low forward voltage drop, high current handling, high junction temperature capability, and low leakage performance in a compact TO-277B surface-mount package. For automotive applications up to 10A, it offers the same or better performance as Schottky Barrier Rectifiers provided in D-PAK packaging, with a footprint that’s only one-third of the size.


Typical applications for DST Series Schottky Barrier Rectifiers include high-frequency switch-mode power supplies (SMPSs) and DC-DC converters found in automotive applications such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) (such as cameras, sensors, and electronic control units), infotainment systems (GPS, audio, etc.), LCD displays, and LED headlights and tail lights. Other applications include polarity protection diodes and reverse blocking diodes.


DST Series Schottky Barrier Rectifiers offer:

  • Ultra-low forward voltage drop (VF) reduces thermal and electrical conduction losses, thereby improving system efficiency.
  • Provide high-speed switching for use in very high-frequency applications with minimal switching loss.
  • High junction temperature capability ensures high reliability in high ambient temperatures and applications with minimal cooling available.


You can absorb more data on the DST Series automotive-grade and commercial-grade product pages and watch a video demo.