ScenTeck Announces Breakthrough in Computer Scent Technology

BIRMINGHAM, AL /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- An unorthodox software company has achieved a first in the volatile, rapidly evolving world of computer technology: cutting-edge software that allows computer users to enjoy aromatherapy in a variety of scents...through their computer speakers.

ScenTeck Technologies released its Scratch-N-Sniff Pro downloadable software to the World Wide Web last month, and consumer reaction couldn't be more positive. Scratch-N-Sniff Pro downloads reached the 1 million mark in less than a month after the release, and thousands continue to make downloads every day.

"We started with a simple question," said ScenTeck's founder and chief scientist, Dr. Aarp Hriful, who, as chief engineer for Phillips, was also the innovator of Ambilight television light technology. "How can we heighten the average computer user's online experience and maximize enjoyment?" The answer came from Dr. Hriful's wife. "She had just come from the spa and remarked that she wished she could feel the way a spa environment makes her feel all the time. This started me thinking."

Working with a special team of university scientists, the Germany-based Dr. Hriful dispatched his group of engineers to the deep South, and they began conducting spa-like aromatherapy tests on a series of office-based focus groups. "In every instance, when people were exposed to aromatherapy in the workplace, we noticed productivity rise, and workplace malaise decline," said Hriful. "I asked my team to consider the possibilities of creating software that dispensed scent via hardware. Through trial and error, we concluded that it was possible."

Hriful's team developed a System Scent Card that reacts to normal auditory sensors generated from a computer's hard drive. These sensors, once triggered, are combined with Hriful's proprietary Scent Waves, and then broadcast from computer speakers, replacing the standard vibrating sound waves with a unique vibrating tone. "It's an inaudible tone that asks the brain to recognize it, not as a sound, but as a scent," said Hriful.

Since its release last February, more than a million people in the U.S. alone are enjoying fragrant ScenTeck scents such as Mountain Breeze, Passion Fruit and Patchouli, right at their home or office computer. "All you need is a personal computer or laptop, a set of computer speakers, and a System Scent Card. Then, just download the software at our Web site, and you can begin enjoying our fragrances through your computer speakers almost immediately."

Due to anticipated demand, the Web site will be launched on a Sunday, April 1, rather than during the week. Scratch-N-Sniff Pro is available for download at the Web site.

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