Scanner Snoops Out Defective Welds

Scanner Snoops Out Defective Welds
Eye Vision Technology GmbH (EVT)

Tailored for inspecting weld seams, the EyeSens Weld profile scanner measures elevation profiles of weld seams by projecting a laser line onto the seam. An integrated camera captures a laser line profile and evaluates conditions via internal software. The imaging sensor delivers a frame rate up to 1 Hz at a working distance of approximately 80 mm to 240 mm. Available wave lengths are 635 nm and 660 nm depending on the sensor model. The scanner also detects if the weld has an end crater, width and length of the weld seam, if the weld seam is missing, undercuts, holes and surface pores on the weld seam, and unequal leg lengths. Additionally, the EyeSens Weld system is controllable via a web browser.

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