Scale Energy Solutions Awarded "Technology of the Year"

NEW YORK -- Scale Energy Solutions receives "Technology of the Year" award by CannaNews. Scale Energy Solutions provides alternative energy systems to indoor grow operations. Their systems combine solar, storage and combined heat and power (CHP), to lower the energy consumption of indoor cultivation. This not only significantly reduces energy costs - one of the largest expenses for most indoor growers, but also improves reliability of power delivery, which is critical when growing sensitive crops.

The large volume of energy used by most indoor growers can account for as much as 50% of their total overhead. "Implementing a microgrid from Scale Energy would likely reduce those costs by as much as 20 - 25%," according to CannaNews.

Growers can usually realize a fast ROI on a system from Scale Energy, and the company also offers operating leases and power purchase agreements with performance guarantees, to make the installation of a microgrid an easy economic decision.

For information on Scale Energy Solutions, visit:

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