Savant Offers Two-Way Control of Home Systems

OSTERVILLE, MA /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Savant Systems LLC, having lead the convergence of an open-architecture platform to integrate automation and control, A/V switching, and general-purpose computers, has announced the introduction of a downloadable application for Apple's iPod and iPod touch that runs natively on either device to provide two-way control of any home system connected to one of Savant's innovative ROSIE automation systems. The new application providing complete home automation and media control will soon be available on the iPhone App Store for $199.

"Our application effectively leverages all the power of Apple's amazing mobile computing platform, enabling homeowners with a ROSIE control system to enjoy unprecedented levels of convenience and efficiency added to their daily lives," stated Savant President Jim Carroll. Savant's new application features intelligent two-way communication from feedback-capable systems in the home, such as lighting, HVAC, security cameras, and supported audio/video equipment. The application also incorporates the gesture control and tilt sensors found on both Apple devices.

Savant's new application has been engineered to provide complete control over the ROSIE on-screen display, which uses HD graphics to provide intuitive control of systems throughout the home. The application also includes a section dedicated to "themed interfaces" that can be customized by an authorized Savant dealer using RacePoint Blueprint software and a compatible ROSIE system on the network. "We wanted to give our customers the ultimate two-way application to control their homes from the iPhone or iPod touch and make it easily downloadable for them from the iPhone App Store," concluded Carroll.

About Savant
Savant Systems LLC was founded by a core group of technology pioneers with hundreds of years of combined real-world experience in peripheral applications, such as programmable systems, digital signal processing, telephony, switching systems, video processing, and home electronics integration. The Savant team is committed to redefining the home control systems industry, with a visionary solution to home automation that emphasizes reliability and a maintenance-friendly open platform. The Savant product suite is distinguished by an unparalleled blend of cutting-edge technology and advanced next-generation graphics.

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