Satellites Enable Sensor Data Viewing on Qualcomm's QTRACS

Combining MachineTalker Inc.'s units, which can link with virtually any kind of sensor, and services from Qualcomm, which claims the largest deployed base of GPS tracking systems on trucks, an organization can get detailed cargo information in real time.

SANTA BARBARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- MachineTalker Inc., developer of smart wireless security networks, says its MachineTalker units are now transmitting sensor data and security alerts that can be monitored on the QTRACS website of communications technology giant Qualcomm, Inc.

MachineTalker's CEO, Roland F. Bryan, explains the complementary roles of Qualcomm and MachineTalker in this example: "We are utilizing Qualcomm's GPS based mobile technology infrastructure and their QTRACS Service in order to demonstrate how linked-in MachineTalkers can process and transmit information from multiple sensors, for viewing on QTRACS. This means that an owner or dispatcher can observe cargo condition in real time and know its location as well."

The benefits of this relationship are many. Qualcomm has the largest deployed base of GPS tracking systems on trucks currently moving on the world's roads and highways. The ability of MachineTalker units to provide specific information from the cargo compartment of trucks and containers to Qualcomm's satellite communication equipment, means that by deploying MachineTalkers, an organization can know cargo status at any time of day or night simply by logging on to the Internet. MachineTalkers can be linked with virtually any kind of sensor to transmit information critical to the cargo shipper such as changes in temperature and pressure, whether the cargo doors have been opened and when, and myriad other sensitive information.

About MachineTalker, Inc.
MachineTalker, Inc. was founded in 2002, to develop the concept of intelligent, wireless, autonomous, mesh network nodes for sensing, recording, processing and acting upon events. MachineTalker, Talker, ToughTalker and TagTalker are Company trademarks. They are microprocessor-based wireless devices that automatically form mesh networks called Communities. These intelligent nodes relate, report, share and transfer information about the services they perform and enable the rapid deployment of wireless security systems to protect people, places and things.