SAS 4.0 Analyzer Does It All

(Teledyne LeCroy)

Teledyne LeCroy offers the SAS 4.0 exerciser option for its Sierra M244. According to the company, the option makes the Sierra M244 the industry's first 24G Serial Attached SCSI 4.0 (SAS) exerciser with analyzer and jammer functionality. The M244 exerciser mimics real SAS 4.0 packet mode traffic, enabling early adopters to jump start functional testing for 24G SAS controllers, devices, and systems.


The Sierra M244 exerciser provides simultaneous traffic generation and capture of packet-level detail for debug and analysis. It connects to the system-under-test with standard MiniSAS HD cables and operates in real time, uses script-based instructions, and leverages a large library of predefined primitives and commands to emulate a compliant SAS 4.0 link partner. It can generate traffic on one, two, or four ports with each link running a different test script. Test scripts developed for previous Sierra platforms can operate on the Sierra M244 exerciser with little or no modification.


The M244 exerciser features integrated state machines that automatically perform link training and connect at the highest supported link rate. The exerciser can also alter normal link layer handshaking to precisely test marginal timing conditions and error recovery. Every stage of the speed negotiation and training sequence can be altered to simulate marginal signal conditions and fallback behaviors. The ability to control timing at the lowest layers of the protocol enables corner-case testing not possible when using software-based packet generators alone.


The exerciser option will be available in September 2018. If you need more facts and figures, take a gander at LeCroy’s protocol analyzer page, call an engineer at 800-909-7211 or 408-653-1262, and/or email [email protected].